Terraces wood

The wood is wood! Looking for a natural material in your neighborhood? Patio boards of acacia wood are the product of our offer that meets the demanding requirements of our customers for quality and design materials. Acacia wood is light in color and visible rustic structure. It is durable, tough and resistant to biotic pests. Because of these properties, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on patios, wall balcony, pool, home, steps...

View more references. Acacia realization made by us.

Our products are made so that they are of them shorted defects and subsequently in length from marginal ecological, water-resistant polyurethane glue, which is used for load-bearing structures. Vykrátením defects of wood is ensured dimensional stability decking boards outdoors.

We offer three alternatives:

  • finely serrated plates with lateral grooves / without BD
  • coarsely serrated plates with BD / BD without
  • Smooth boards with BD / BD without

All types are manufactured in sizes:

  • 20 x 90 x do dlžky 4000 mm
  • 20 x 120 x do dlžky 4000 mm
  • 25 x 90 x 4000 mm
  • 25 x 120 x 4000 mm

When installing the acacia terrace boards are mounted on a substrate underlying grid of locust chips (20 × 40 mm, 40 x 40 mm, 40 x 60 mm). Clamping is solved by stainless steel screws as visible or invisible.