Dry firewood for heating is quite often used a heat source in homes. The main reason for heating with wood is constantly rising energy prices for gas and electricity. Wood heating is very efficient and financially a very good solution. That is why we included in our offer this range, which is generated by our operations.

We offer

- Beech firewood chopped (25 cm)

- Acacia firewood - cuttings (33 cm)

palivové drevo


This is a clean and environmentally friendly fuel that is made from sawdust and wood shavings or acacia. beech, without chemical additives. The distinctive shape and material guarantees a high calorific value and long burning evenly. They are suitable for all types of stoves, furnaces, stoves, fireplaces and fireplace. They are ready for immediate use without any further treatment.

In our offer are:

Briquettes RUF beech and acacia wood (packs of 10 kg) 1 pallet = 960 kg

Brikety RUF z bukového a agátového dreva Paleta brikiet RUF z bukového a agátového dreva

The cylindrical briquettes made from acacia wood - loose on pallets (Pallet weight 600 to 800 kg)

álcové brikety z agátového dreva Paleta válcových brikiet z agátového dreva