Beach chair

Beach chair

If you are looking for comfort and pleasure of relaxation to your garden, patio or by the pool and also suitable aesthetic accessory in this case it is for you designed a product in this category. In our offer there are chairs that offer our customers the comfort of rest, quality materials and the processing itself. Usability enhancements for greater comfort and offers four positions, so everyone will find what he needs.

View more references. Acacia realization made by us.

Beach and garden chairs are designed for wellness centers, swimming pools and various recreational facilities, but are also equally suitable to the terrace, garden and so on. Surface finish is made from natural oils in various colors, so everyone will find his own.

It is produced in two variants namely version:

- deckchair wave, which is characterized by rounded shapes and forced elegance for those who want to take

- deckchair sharp, which is characterized by a classic and sharp lines that fit into any space

	Ležadlo wave 	Ležadlo sharp