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    For those who love the warmth of home and popular with "warm" materials in their homes, we included in our offer massive floors from acacia wood. The thickness and hardness of the wood guarantees an adequate basis for your floor. The distinctive wood structure in turn ensures that your floor will be unique and unrepeatable.

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    The wood is wood! Looking for a natural material in your neighborhood? Terrace boards are made of acacia wood product from our offer that meets the demanding requirements of our customers for quality and design materials.

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    If you are looking for comfort and pleasure of relaxation to your garden, patio or by the pool and also suitable aesthetic accessory in this case is for you designed a product in this category. In our offer there are chairs that offer our customers the comfort of rest, quality materials and the processing itself.

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    Dry firewood for heating is quite often used a heat source in homes. The main reason for heating with wood is constantly rising energy prices for gas and electricity. Wood heating is very efficient and financially a very good solution. That is why we included in our offer this range, which is generated by our operations.

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Experienced longtime partner in products made of acacia wood. Production and installation of terraces, façade panels and fence elements or interior tiles. Extended offer in the form of lumber, garden furniture, deck chairs and firewood and briquettes. All this and especially at affordable prices from us to you. The Slovak and international market for over 10 years.

"Customer satisfaction and compliance to our customers in full brought us to the leading position on the Slovak market. "
Mgr. Paraska Michal